The Bucket List

I have a tendency to view bucket lists as to-do. I tend to make them with a deadline (other than death, of course). My current ones should be reached by 2015 - when I turn 25.

Personal Bucket List

1. Learn a new language.
2. Get my novel published.
3. Be in a movie
4. Jump out of a moving vehicle
5. Accidentally catch on fire
6. Be a useful part of the film industry
7. Learn a trade
8. Create something useful.
9. Be in the audience of 8 Out of 10 Cats
10. Work at a Disney park

Travel Bucket List

1. Cruise around Antarctica
2. Hike the Jesus Trail
3. Bicycle through the entire country of France
4. Ride a motorcycle the full length of the Pan American Highway
5. Learn to surf in New Zealand or Australia
6. Stand atop Kjeragbolten in Norway
7. Help rescue orphaned chimpanzees in Uganda
8. Live in a pied a terre on mainland Europe
9. Volunteer on an animal reserve in Tanzania
10. Go paragliding off the Swiss Alps