Friday, June 1, 2012

How I Travel

A lot of the travel blogs I've seen are from the point of view of hostel stayers, backpackers, and generally the rough-and-tumble type. That's not really my style. I prefer hotels with wifi, and a simple-but-wheelable suitcase. 

That's not to say I'm a big spender. I'm really not. When in metropolises I tend to walk about 20 miles a day. If you've gone to a city to see it, what's the use in barricading yourself underground? The Tube and the RER are great but for the most part I like to walk. There are hidden gems I would never have seen had I not taken the adventure on foot.

I've heard staying in hostels is a great way to meet people. The problem I find there is that you tend to meet like minded travelers. I don't go to foreign cities to meet people who are from the same country I am. What's the point in that? Also I've found that when I travel with other people it diminishes the cultural experience I could be getting if I had gone it alone. Locals usually have the best advise on cheap thrills, anyway.

There are only two things I look for in a hotel: free wifi and a private bathroom. I tried the communal bathroom thing once and it is simply not for me. I ended up down at Paddington station using their toilets when it came right down to it. 

 When in a new city I try to live like the locals as much as possible. That being said, I find myself in grocery stores more often than restaurants. On the occasions that I do venture out, I always steer clear of the Americanized institutions. Except Starbucks. You can take the girl out of Seattle but you can't take her Starbucks. 

I guess Trip Advisor is right: I'm definitely middle of the road.

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