Monday, March 25, 2013

Why I Can't Backpack

I love backpackers. I have friends who love to throw on a backpack and go rock climbing for two weeks, or hitchhike through South America. And they're great at it. I love their sense of adventure and their enduring spirit. But I can't do it.
I don't think I'm a high maintanence girl. There are some days I roll out of bed and don't even look at my hair. I can wear the same jeans for two weeks without batting an eye about it. But I can't backpack. Here is why:

1. Hygeine
The image of dirt caked under my fingernails puts a chill down my spine. I can go a few days without a shower but I can't go a few weeks.

2. Modesty
It's been said I may be too modest. Sharing a bathroom with complete strangers sort of terrifies me. I can do it - I've stayed at motels with shared bathrooms before - but the comfort of having my own bathroom, whilst definitely a Western amenity - is one I take whenever I can get it. Also, I am incredibly uncomfortable about being unconsious around strangers. I don't even let my dentist give me anesthia.

3. Predictability
I am a planner by nature. The idea of not knowing where I'm going to stay until I'm there making me anxious for the whole day - and that's no fun when I want to explore a city! Also, being a solo female traveler, I feel a lot safer knowing I have a place to stay before the sun goes down.

The problem with my way of travel is, of course, cost. It's not as easy or freeing to travel around my way, but I find staying in serviced apartments gives me an insight to the lives of the locals: having to shop at grocery stores, being able to cook meals myself, etc.

(*Disclaimer: I know I'm young. My travel style may likely change.)

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